Hashi Basha Restaurants are one of the main subsidiaries of Saudi Investment Companies, that specialized in developing and managing restaurants, it was established in 2016, and the branches allocation is now more than 85 branches to this moment and we are aiming to reach 100 branches by the end of 2020 year, through giving the trademark franchising concept.



1. Social Responsibility
In Hashi Basha, we aim to develop and enhance for all our services continuously to fulfill our customer demands and needs
2. Safety and Quality
In Hashi Basha, we always making sure to provide the highest safety and quality in all our branches to achieve the desired satisfaction from our customers
3. Vision
Our vision is to be the first and optimal choice for all our customers in Saudi Arabia and soon in Gulf countries
4. Goal
Our goal is to provide the best products with special flavors and highest quality of services, in addition, our goal is to be the top investment company in the market